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Arundhati Rao

  • Department: Analytics & Project Expert
  • Experience: 26 Years
  • Email:
My Biography

Arundhati is the Founding director of our company. An Analytics & Project Expert with over 26 years of experience in setting up processes, with expertise in Build-Operate-Transfer model. Her work experience in projects spans across Science, BFSI, services, manufacturing, digitisation – education, commercial & agriculture. With such diverse experience, she brings with her insights into the working dynamics of any type of company.

She loves figures as much as figures love her, for she manages them well ensuring compliance and making them audit worthy. Our documentation expert, she is our go to person for writing any policies or legal documents.

Through these years her work has given her insights into working dynamics of MNCs, traditional family businesses, ITES, Government and newer technology enterprises.

Like a Shehenshah she is particularly adept at a start – to – finish business units, which makes it simpler for our clients and work is handed over as an operational “business-as-usual”

A Nature lover, she has almost grown a whole jungle at her home.

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