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1 & 2 Golf View Enroute to BITS Hyd, Secunderabad - 500 087



1 & 2 Golf View
Enroute to BITS Hyd, Secunderabad - 500 087

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is the rising star of Indian economics and the hope for the overall wellbeing of people. It gives you an opportunity to make profits as well as be a change agent. It is a chance to do your bit for the society and not worry about meeting ends.

1. Decoding double / triple bottom- lines for your enterprise.

2. Aligning with SDGs

3. Visioning, BMC, Business Plan, projections, way forward.

4. Branding, MarComm

As Marc Lautenbach rightly stated “ collective capability of an organisation to create value for society at large” ……that’s the social enterprise we are keen on helping you create.

New Global Goals result from a process that has been more inclusive

So if these SDGs are important to you and you have an idea in mind……talk to us!

We can sharpen your:

Mission statement:
For the change you are intending to achieve.

Credible research:
A thorough research on the existing and potential competitors in your field of work. We can map the operations for you to set pace.

Unique offering for your audience:
Allow a differentiator to set you apart and position you correctly.

Business model:
A ground – up roadmap that is written specifically for you; will make a whole lot more sensible way to get there.

Scope of Funding:
This is a critical component and must be optimally utilized. Often enough there may be no – need, a later need or a lesser need. Let’s get a perspective on it.

Action Plan:
Will make you journey to being a social entrepreneur a lot worthwhile when effort and resources are rightly spent.

Amel is happy to work with you while keeping the focus on any of these SDGs.

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