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India- The Super Power

As the world battles Covid and the multiple variants, I am often reminded of the class room talks that we used to have in my childhood during early 90s.

In that innocent age, when every tittle tattle was taken seriously and discussed, there was a strong prediction doing the rounds, that India will be a superpower by 2020. And I am sure most of you who went to school in the early 90s had heard of this. Some said that Nostradamus had predicted this and there were a couple of other sources. In those days Russia and the US were heralded as superpowers. And India looked nowhere close – infact I always remember, our country to be asking for aids to these countries

Cut 2, today when we are living in this year and era, I can feel that I am living that prediction. Call it wishful thinking or the thoughtful conclusion, but my belief in this statement grows stronger with each passing day. So much so that today when one of the above countries raged war, the victims think of India to be the saviours. Hail Bharat!

The way our country has managed this pandemic, no one else has done it better. Handling Covid situation with such a panache, developing the vaccine in such a short span of time, being able to help other countries, getting noticed by the world for all the right reasons is no joke and we have done that together as a country.

There are numerous stories of how people came together and helped those in need, irrespective of social status, caste or region. The story of struggles that ended in victory, the story of suffering that was soothed by love of people around. What else is the definition of a great nation?

And it has not developed overnight, our society is in the process of  becoming more cohesive for quite some years now. The wounds of invasions are now healing slowly,  the indignity of  subjugation is now leaving our hearts, the scars of partition are fading away. The story is growing beyond.

We are living in times of immense possibilities. I strongly feel that as a nation we are all set to lead the world. With the war cry of Atma Nirbhar Bharat & Make in India campaigns, the stage is already set, the runway is ready.

Now it is not only about meeting the ends, or struggling for basics. We now have the bandwidth to look around and do something for people around us, contributing to nation building. The businesses are not only being built/run for profit, it is also about bringing a change, making an impact, uplifting the society as a whole, people are talking about “Let’s grow together” 


Urvashi Baid

Marketing & Communication Professional. With inbuilt flair for building businesses, has Expertise in Strategising, Building Brands & Go-to-Market Strategy. Mentoring Leadership Positions, Entrepreneur with Diverse Experience.

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Bharat Sayal
Bharat Sayal
2 years ago

Hindustan meri jaan

Sangeeta kumar
Sangeeta kumar
2 years ago

Agree Urvashi … I feel the direction is set and the potential exists but we have miles to go to solve the structural problems of the economy. There is continued poverty and lack of a social support structure , the gap between the have and have nots continues to widen .. rural empowerment and infrastructure have a long way to go.
But I am as hopeful as you . Let us make the difference individually and collectively as now that Super power title is within our reach

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