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Business: Profits & More

The term Social Entrepreneurship encompasses any business that develops solutions to address any social, cultural or environmental issues. It is about creating the right impact in the needed direction. The term has picked up fast in the last 10 years, though I am sure it has existed since forever. The SDGs given by the UN […]

Sustainability: The New Business Mantra

When large number of citizens acquire capacity to shape civic & economic life. Social enterpreneurship is a process that enables citizens to do that” Azadeh Tajdar: Shetab Afghanistan We are living in times of immense possibilities. I strongly feel that as a nation we are all set to lead the world. With the war cry […]

India- The Super Power

As the world battles Covid and the multiple variants, I am often reminded of the class room talks that we used to have in my childhood during early 90s. In that innocent age, when every tittle tattle was taken seriously and discussed, there was a strong prediction doing the rounds, that India will be a superpower by 2020. And I am […]

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